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What People Say About Jesse 

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         "Jesse has been the brightest light in the lives of my mother and dad…and me. My dad had commented many times that he had “lost his Linda” so she set up date nights with the two of them. Each date night, Jesse made a new dish for them to share. With music in the background, they reveled in each other’s company and spent lovely evenings reconnecting.

          My mother was so engrossed and so full of joy whenever Jesse came to us with activities. She used aroma therapy, music and singing, and simple household chores that my mother thought she couldn’t accomplish anymore to engage her. She also enabled me to have time away from a sometimes-stressful environment; encouraging me to spend time doing things that made me happy.

          When I made the decision to place my parents in a foster care facility, Jesse continues to spend time with my parents, even though she no longer formally works for us. She brings such pleasure and comfort to me and to my parents. I trust her completely and know that she unequivocally cares for us all.

I cannot recommend her services enough. Anyone who spends any amount of time with Jesse, with her smile, her laughter, her absolute commitment, her professionalism, and her compassion cannot be anything but better off."


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