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Giving Individuals with Memory Loss
a Sense of Purpose Through Life-Enriching Activities 

Mobile Memory Enrichment 


        Welcome to Mobile Memory Enrichment! 


Are you taking care of someone with memory loss and need respite?

We can help!


          Mobile Memory Enrichment is an in-home person-tailored life enrichment program. Our goal is to provide activities that create purpose and lessen behaviors, and depression with the aim of reducing memory loss progression.

How does it work? 

          We come to the home to best serve individuals. This is to allow the individual to feel more comfortable in their “safe space”. This avoids the overstimulation that may occur when an individual is taken from their home for an outing that requires socialization causing anxiety, nervousness, or agitation. Our goal is to provide activities where individuals can positively engage in activities more freely in a safe environment, free of excessive stimulus.



 What are the benefits? 

  • Individual Activity Enjoyment

  • Caregiver and Family Respite

  • Individual Activity Evaluations

  • Giving Purpose and Self-worth

  • Apprising doctors, caregivers, and family of progress

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Owner and Operator
Jesse Azzopardi, C.D.S

Certified Dementia Specialist 

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