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"Stimulate the Mind and...

You Unlock the Person"
-Jesse Azzopardi

Jesse Azzopardi, C.D.S. Owner
Young Hands Holding Old Hands


          Mobile Memory Enrichment is holistic in its approach.

          Every activity is designed for positive reminiscence. We strive to connect caregivers and families at every level. Here are a few activities our team employs involving cognition, physical activity, mental health, and behavior modification. 

Family Photos


Reminiscing is a significant way to stimulate memories. As we all know, there are good and bad memories that may arise. However, our approach is to stimulate positive reminiscing with every activity we present. Activities that unlock the person inside.


Tip: One of the best things you can do is create a simple album of copied pictures. Label each person, husband, wife, son, daughter, caregiver, etc, and then pull it out for reference. This is a great tool for families and caregivers. 

Occupational Activities 

For many with memory loss, the inability to do what had been an occupation is felt as a great loss. We strive to encompass activities that utilize vocational skills.

Mobile Memory Enrichment focuses on what each individual CAN do rather than what they CANNOT. When a project is finished, there is an immense sense of accomplishment and self-value.

TIP: A block of wood and a few pieces of various grit sandpaper will do the trick. The tactile experience grows with each grit.

Sewing Leather
Hand Drums

Music Circles and

Music Based Activities 

The foundation of nearly every activity we do at Mobile Memory Enrichment is based on music. We tend to identify and recite lyrics of songs that we know and love. Music generates joyful feelings and unlocks the person inside.

Playing Big Band or Sock Hop music with physical exercise gives a cheerful feel to something that might not have been enjoyable before.

We also offer music/drum circles that facilitate group participation and aid in mind and body rhythms.

TIP: If someone is having behaviors, whether sad or angry, try providing a genre of music or specific song that they usually sing along with. Distraction and redirection are key to lessening behaviors.


What are tactile activities? These are tangible things that are connected to feelings.

When individuals cannot remember what they lost and are given something to hold, it brings something tangible to the empty "lost" space.


Remember your favorite doll, blanket, G.I Joe, teddy bear, car, or stuffed animal?


What did you feel when you had that item?


What did your loved one have when they were growing up?


The feelings resurface when these items are presented.



Tip: Presenting something soft can stimulate happy memories of a past pet. 

Fidgets-Mobile Memory Enrichment
Vintage Luggage/suitcases-Mobile Memory Enrichment

Suitcase Travel

We love this activity!

Open one of these vintage bags and a whole world is ready to be explored! Books, magazines, postcards, pictures, and even travel brochures are ready to create - or recreate - memories of places we’ve been or have always wanted to go. Suitcase Travel is used in conjunction with various foods, music, and even aromatherapy, to truly integrate the experience of where we are “traveling.”

Visuals, smells, tastes, and feeling are all presented in a fun and positive way.

TIP: National Geographic or You Tube can be easily used to create a travel space. Look to You Tube for First Person Walks and Hikes.

Physical Activity 

Making physical activity fun is paramount at Mobile Memory Enrichment. The word, “exercise” can often remind individuals with memory loss of something that they did not enjoy. Instead, we create an environment of music and enjoyment. Every physical activity, whether seated or standing, is designed to foster physical abilities in. Stretching, chair dancing, and balloon toss are just a few of the many activities we employ.

TIP: Playing upbeat music from the era and culture of a loved one is a great way to involve them in physical activity. Make sure to set this activity up in the same area each time, assuring a routine that will be recognized.

Movement/Exercise-Mobile Memory Enrichment
Historic Room-Mobile Memory Enrichment


We all know that history is an integral part of all our lives. Events, advancements and happenings can be presented in a positive way as a stimulator for memories. For example, using an object that’s historical like a pocket watch, famous photos or a souvenir of the Seattle Space Needle are just some things that can be presented.

We use historical pieces and photos as educational lessons that allow positive memories to flow.

Tip: When presenting a historical piece, start small. Give them a picture to hold while you read a sentence or two about the corresponding event. This gives a visual and auditory reference. 

Faded forget me not flowers in the background

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